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Startup Stir in San Francisco

Startup Stir has opened a chapter in San Francisco, and I'm so stoked to be photographing their events! They have created a monthly networking and enrichment event series aimed at empowering entrepreneurs. Last month's event featured a dynamite and eclectic panel of all women speakers, including social media marketer Angie Hilum and Kali Williams of Hack the Patriarchy and The Opinionated Woman podcast, all offering guidance in the challenges women experience on the entrepreneurial path, and how they've taken them on to become successful in the Bay Area. As an entrepreneur myself, it was so helpful to understand the landscape of business through the eyes of successful females, and to feel supported among such strong and creative women. 

When people come together to educate and inspire each other, a whole new kind of community is formed. It is one that fosters safety and trust without the competition and strategic sabotage so prevalent in the business world. The work before us to accomplish our goals becomes more manageable when we know we're not alone, and we're given the tools to navigate it one piece at a time. The resulting fun was inspiring, uplifting, practical, and empowering.

Startup Stir has another event coming up May 18th at the fabulous General Assembly space in downtown SF. You can learn more about them and stay up to date on their upcoming events in San Francisco and Boston via their Facebook page here. You can also learn more about the co-working and events happening at General Assembly at their website. Here are some photos of the last event. I hope to catch you next week for another inspiring evening!

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