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The heart of Haleakala

When our Maui vacation found our jungle abode in a relentless downpour of rain, my love and I decided to take our adventure above the clouds to the "house of the sun," Haleakala at 10,023ft. This place is pure magic! What might appear to be a stark and desolate place is contrasted by the deep feeling of gentleness and hospitality, giving way to understanding that it's barrenness is indeed an intentional effort to preserve the sacred energy that this place sources for the island and for the planet.

Known as the heart chakra of the earth, the powerful and sweet vibration present at Haleakala is divinely playful and feminine. This place comprised of such otherworldly characteristics is so undeniably earthy. Walking through the clouds, the descent into the crater was like a swaying journey through dimensions. I was struck in childlike wonder at the softness of the ground beneath me, of how the jagged rocks yielded to my feet and form. It has a still quietness to it, and the skies move quickly. One moment you're watching clouds, and the next moment you are in the clouds surrounded by white. All this change in silence. 

We reached the center of the crater at sunset time. They are my favorite photos from our journey. After miles of walking through the gentle pink tones of the rocks, it was like I met the source of their warmth and vibrance. Like many places of great elevation, you get the feeling you are standing in the place where heaven and earth meet. Mama Maui just has her own cadence in the energy she pours through the mountain from her fountain in Haleakala. It is abundant and vibrant and allows for a sweet innocence to emerge in the culture of the island and your interactions with its inhabitants. 

We walked back in the dark, our path lit by the planet Venus and some other star friends. We were met with flashes of rainbow light coming from a cloudless sky, and a light at our feet that seemed to come from the land herself. As we found ourselves back at the car we looked up and said goodbye to the sky. It replied with a shooting star. Now that is some Maui magic!

While most of my work centers around people, I wanted to share with you a portrait of a different kind today. Here's Haleakala in all her majesty and grace.

©Tiana Hunter 2018