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Ring the bells that still can ring

Elisabeth and Sergio's wedding at San Francisco City Hall began with a swarm of friends and loved ones unexpectedly showing up to support and celebrate their last minute nuptials. What was to be a handful of family members turned out to be a few dozen glittering faces, and what was to be a quiet Monday ceremony was full of laughter and cheers.

The wedding, a week post Election Day, was just what we all needed. For the couple, it was to be reminded of the love that creates safety, support, and purpose in this ever unpredictable world. For me, to experience once again that above all that is happening, our experience is so much about where we show up and what we align to in all the big and small ways we serve the world. The smiles, the falling tears, the caring of children, the little ways they honored their ancestry and cultural traditions...it was like God was tapping me on the shoulder and saying "Look here. This is what is real right now. This is all there is for you right now. Be here now."

The officiant opened with a quote from the recently departed Leonard Cohen, my all time favorite songwriter. I met Leonard Cohen on an iconic night during arguably the most formative and memorable time in my life. It was the culmination of an era of exploration, magic, dismantling the old conditioning, and opening to endless possibility. I found myself hugging my idol on a perfect downtown Chicago night, as dizzy from the music as from the moment. Coming back to it now feels almost prayerful. These precious, sacred moments. They go by so fast. 

Thank you for having me along for the ride, and making me feel at home in the midst of all of the people passing by. Through all of the generosity I am ever moved to find myself exactly where I need to be. Photographing the ceremony is my favorite part of being a wedding photographer, so it's a pleasure to share a post focusing on those. Really, I shoot so many it is hard to choose which to share. I love the nuances of emotion that make each photo unique.

"Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That's how the light gets in."






©Tiana Hunter 2018